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  • 1. Sorol Booking is bound takes full responsibility of customers information privacy . i.e. Any information that customer provides to Sorol Booking while placing their booking orders.(Please see Privacy Policy for details)
  • 2. Every information that sorol booking provides about vendor’s property (like price, facilities, description about property) in this website is provided by vendors/property owners. Vendors are responsible for ensuring committed particulars.
  • 3. Customer is responsible for their own actions while their stay at vendor’s property.
  • 4. Sorol Booking doesn’t have authority over any property/vendor management to dictate their own rules & regulations.
  • 5. Sorol booking is a marketplace that helps both vendors and customers to make/take a booking of their corresponding service/services.
  • 6. If there is a conflict between vendor and customer regarding a booking, Sorol Booking will take part in negotiation between vendor and customer to ensure customers right.
  • 7. Sorol Booking Doesn’t directly sells any products/Services but provides a secured marketplace environment for Customers and vendors.
  • 8. This general terms may change time to time as per requirement and will be valid till next update of it.
  • 9. If any section of this article conflicts with Digital E-commerce Policy 2021 , Digital E-commerce Policy 2021 will determine the solution.

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